Easy-to-use text message voting system

Present a choice of options to your audience and give them a few seconds to choose

View the results as soon as your poll closes

See your audience's opinion immediately on-screen

Your audience already know how to use it

Works like SMS voting on TV, but without the premium rate fee. Millions of people already know how to use it

No expensive handset hire or lost keypad replacement charges

Just an operator, a couple of laptops and the tokyo26 Voting system

Use tokyo26 voting for:

  • Live audience feedback
  • Choosing award winners
  • Testing your audience
  • Market research and surveys
  • Competition and quizzes
  • And more
Let your audience easily interact live at your event
Local number means no charge to participate*
Instantly display the result on screen
No expensive handsets to hire
Ask as many multiple choice questions as you like
Attractive on-screen templates can be customised to your event
Complete service includes the hire of software, hardware and operators
Open long-running polls when the results are not time critical
Plug our system into your AV kit to display the results on-screen
Reporting system helps you analyse the answers at a later date
Works across simultaneous locations – whether that's multiple live events or a webstream
Sell sponsorship of tokyo26 Voting to raise additional income for your event

* Costs the same as sending an ordinary text message. The vast majority of pay-monthly and pay-as-you-go tariffs offer text messages for free. Some charge a small fee. International users may have to pay a fee depending on their provider. But there is absolutely no premium charge for taking part.