Infinitely customisable

Our signage's appearance and logic can be customised to look and behave exactly as you want

Displays all types of media in any combination

Video, audio, pictures, text, animations and live data

Sophisticated scheduling capabilities

Run different content, on different screens, at different times, on different days

Designed specifically for events

Purpose designed to be easy to update, even during the middle of a show
Display the latest information to delegates at your event
Automatically updates throughout the day
Infinitely customisable: you're not stuck with a fixed layout or database
Totally flexible scheduling system allows you to display specific information at specific locations exactly when you want
Easily updatable, even in the middle of a show
Gives your event additional branding
Complete service includes the hire of software, hardware and operators
Hire your own screens – giving you a massive choice of plasmas, LCDs, even LED or projection
Choose from our library of templates that provide a wide range of customisable functionality
Create custom bespoke modules that allow you to display exactly what you want
Sell sponsorship to raise additional income for your event
Display all types of media: pictures, video, text, animations, and live data